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News: Calling All Food Trucks

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12/30/2021 12:00:00 AM  Jeanne Scigliano 

Beekman Recreation and Parks has THREE opportunities for Food Trucks in our Parks this year. 
Opportunity #1: Food truck at Rec Dep’t sponsored events. 
There is no fee for this. See the list of events below.  If you’re interested you need to complete this form.
          Spring Egg Hunt, Sat. Apr. 9th from 12noon to 3pm
          Beach Campfires: trucks welcome from all day, but desired at least from 5pm to 8:30pm  
                July 8th                
                July 22nd              
                Aug 5th          
                Aug 19th
         Fall Country Fair Community Day, Sat. Oct. 15th from noon to 4pm
Opportunity #2: Food truck in the parks at any time.
This opportunity allows you to drive through all our parks during most regular activities and offer your food to any patrons or sports players. For this you would need a Beekman Rec Park Peddler’s Permit.  Go to the Park Peddler Page for all the information and to register.

Opportunity #3: Summer Camp and Beach Patron lunches. 
This is a possible new opportunity.  We are hoping to have One Truck per day rotating every week or two.  We would get your menu ahead of time and solicit camper and staff lunch orders in the morning so that that meals could be ready at noon.  If you are interested in one day/week please email me back and I will put you on the list as we develop this opportunity.

Here’s some additional information:  all Food Trucks must have Workers Comp or an exemption as explained in these linked requirements are responsible for obtaining their own Health Department Food Service Permit.  DOH forms can be picked up at the Rec Office or downloaded from our website, and must be sent to the DC DOH with a $30 check payable to the DC DOH.  No electric or wifi available at the park.